Phil Sanderson, a former Marine Corps photojournalist, served as interim editor for the Rotovue newspaper in the early 1990s.  His journalistic work was repeatedly featured in Marines Magazine, which was distributed at Marine Corps bases all over the world.  He also placed on the top 10 list of grammar proficiency in his class at the Defense Information School at Fort Ben Harrison, Indiana in the USA.

As a self-published author, he believes in helping other self-published writers to become more proficient in the use of grammar.  He feels this will help to legitimize the self-publishing industry and prove that traditional writers are not the only ones with a superior command of the English language.

As an editor, he offers a very competitive rate for his services in line and structural editing.  He feels that book publishing can be a very expensive endeavor, but does not have to be.  Thus, he offers low-cost services for the frugal author.

Phil Sanderson Editing Services


"No passion in the world is equal to the passion to alter someone else's draft." 

‚Äč                                                                                                                         -- H. G. Wells

The industry standard for one page of book text is 250 words.  I have instituted cap fees to keep the costs down for my fellow writers in need.

For line editing (e.g. correction of grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.), I charge only $2.50 per page versus the average rate of $5.00.  I also have a $500 cap fee up to 320 pages (e.g. if your page stays under 321 pages, you will pay no more than $500 for line editing services).  Any manuscripts that exceed this number of pages will pay out the normal rate of $2.50 with no cap savings.

For structural editing (e.g. assistance in story, character, and plot development), I charge only $5.00 per page whereas most other editors charge $10.00.  I also offer a $1,000 cap feeup to 320 pages (for more info, see the previous paragraph).  These fees are billed in addition to the line editing fees.

First, the manuscript needs to be sent via postal mail or email with the writer paying any all necessary postage fees.  Prior to editing, all fees must be paid up front before the services are rendered.  Phil will only accept one editing job at a time and will not take on another client until the current job is finished.  

Test Run, Anyone?

If you wish to try out my services prior to hiring me, feel free to send along the first 10 pages of your document to the e-mail address below.  I will happily perform my edits and send them back to you afterward.

Feel free to contact me by e-mail:  phil.sanderson.writer@gmail