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Next, she thought she had seen a dark mass shift between some trees just as another vehicle passed by her.  She stopped, stood by, and surveyed carefully to see if she could see any movement within that same sector of shrubby area.

​Suddenly feeling very concerned and afraid, she crossed her arms and started to bite the nails on her right hand.  Is someone stalking me?

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An Interstate Ghost Story:  The Girl on the Highway

A disgraced celebrity paranormal investigator; an over-burdened troop commander tasked to find out how so many accidents are occurring in his zone of responsibility; a heroic assistant troop commander tasked to escort the investigator (who she happens to hate with a passion); and a serial killer known for bundling body parts of women on the highway, causing some of the accidents being investigated.

What gives?

In this dark horror tale, penned mercilessly by Phil Sanderson, you will certainly find out. The story was written so boldly that some readers are sure to be miffed with him for not delivering a more positive outcome. The killer in this novel is so hatefully intense, that the anger of many female readers may carry over to the author himself. Great pains were taken to develop a nightmarish enemy that readers will never forget.

Due to the graphic nature of the material herein, it is recommended only for adult readers. The story has already caused nightmares for at least one reader!

Phil Sanderson -- Author and Editor